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Grim's Goddess

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She's teased him long enough...


She's a shy curvy girl hiding a naughty secret: she moonlights as a burlesque dancer at the local MC's club. It's a safe way for Amelie to shed her good girl persona, until a string of accidents threaten the club and its dancers.


He's the burly military veteran who manages Club Wolf for the Reaper's Wolves MC. When mysterious accidents start occurring, Grim will do everything in his power to protect his curvy little goddess.

Grim's Goddess features a plus-size heroine and a filthy-talking hero set on protecting his woman in this MC-lite romance!

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From Grim's Goddess



I’ve got a secret—a naughty, sexy hidden life.

One my best friends don’t even know about.

The beginning strains of “Desperado” by Rihanna swell from the stage, and that’s my cue. Sauntering into the spotlight, I exaggerate the sway of my hips and offer a little shimmy of my chest to the crowd of men gathered around the edges of the raised platform.

Amelie Swanson would never perform at a strip club. She’s too shy, self-conscious… too good. But Velvet Venus? She’s a bad girl, a dangerous woman. Confident and sultry, she thrives on teasing men.

To a point.

I don’t strip to nothing, even that’s too wild for my alter ego, but burlesque is all about the mystery—revealing bits and pieces of bare skin to drive the audience to distraction. The art of it has fascinated me ever since watching the movie Burlesque and desperately wishing to be Christina Aguilera’s character. A woman who escaped her small town for the big city and found her dream job.

While this isn’t exactly my dream job, it's definitely a side hustle that brings me happiness. Men never salivate over chubby little Amelie. I’m overlooked or ignored. However, Velvet Venus never enters a room without drawing every eye to her lush curves and coy smile. It’s an intoxicating feeling.

My song fades out, and I take one last bow, shaking my glitter-fringed boy shorts and bra, having lost the layers of clothing I started with. Raucous applause erupts as some men shout for me to take it all off. Leaving them with a saucy wink, I ignore their pleas and skip backstage where the next woman is preparing to step out.

“You were great out there!” Luxe says, grinning in anticipation of her own set.

“Thank you! They’re all yours.”

The path to a communal dressing room is clogged with racks of sparkling costumes, stagehands, and more performers. It’s a real production for Club Wolf’s Burlesque Night, a weekly show for men and women alike.

Every other evening men can watch the regular exotic dancers strip bare but not tonight. This is a specialty event created by one of the co-managers of the club, Georgia. She runs it with a member of the Reaper’s Wolves MC—the motorcycle club who owns Club Wolf.

Which means my hidden hobby sits precariously close to being found out now that friends of mine are loved-up with Reaper’s Wolves members. But I couldn’t resist the temptation of trying burlesque when they first announced the weekly event. And now I’m a headliner!

There’s freedom in having this one thing for myself. Not that I don’t trust my friends or believe they’ll support me. Because they one-hundred percent will. But no one knowing my secret means there’s no pressure to act a certain way—to be Amelie versus Venus.

They’re two sides of the same person but only one gets to see the light of day.

Maybe someday I’ll feel comfortable enough revealing this naughtier side of me. Preferably with a hot man who adores me no matter what. But until then, I’ll disappear to Club Wolf every Tuesday night and dance to my heart’s content with no one the wiser.

Not my family.

Not my friends.

No one.

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Kendra Pettit
Good read

Found this to be a throughly enjoyable read and look forward to reading more from this author

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