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He'll always be her protector...

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She's recovering from an abusive ex-boyfriend.


He's the quiet biker determined to protect her.

Timber's Girl features a plus-size heroine and a filthy-talking hero set on protecting his woman in this MC-lite romance!

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From Timber's Girl



You’ll always be mine.

That’s all the folded white card says. The printed cursive swirls across the otherwise blank space, and I flip the card over searching for any other clues as to who it's from. A vase of yellow daisies sat on the welcome mat of my porch this morning. I almost tipped them over in my rush to get out the door and to my standing coffee date with Caroline at Brewed.

Sure, we could chat and drink coffee here at the Reaper’s Wolves MC compound, but where’s the fun in that? It’s nice to hang out in the cute downtown of Suitor’s Crossing and enjoy a casual friend date—something I’m still getting used to after a year of living isolated with my abusive ex.

Don’t think about Dean.

But it’s difficult when I read those four words again: You’ll always be mine. Would Dean be stupid enough to threaten me after all this time? And on a freaking biker compound? Especially when I know the club has dirt on him. Dirt they won’t hesitate to release if he decides to fuck with my life again.

But who else would send me flowers and a card?

My friends would snicker and point out the obvious, at least to them. Timber. My crazy hot shadow. A tall, bearded military veteran who’s appointed himself as my personal protector. But this doesn’t seem like his style.

Timber may not say much, but a mysterious gift and note don’t strike me as the way he’d declare his interest. Like the rest of the men of the MC, when he wants something or someone, I bet he won’t hesitate to claim it. In person. Staring you down with those dark eyes of his.

Groaning, I toss the card aside and grab my purse. I’m already going to be late to meet Caroline. I don’t need to stand here fantasizing about Timber’s captivating gaze. Or what I’d do if he ever actually decided he wants more than being my security guard.

My track record with men sucks.

And my last boyfriend blew all the other jerks out of the water. Because Dean was an abusive asshole. Physically and mentally. It took all of my strength to leave him, and even then, Caroline had to help me.

Timber is nothing like Dean, but can I risk my heart and well-being again?

No fucking way.

Because I don’t think I can survive pain like that a second time around.

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