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Hallie Bennett

The Brother Bias E-Book

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She shouldn't want her brother's best friend.

From the moment Ella Johnson met Gavin Cross, she knew it was love. Older, sexy, and a popular jock, everything about him gets her hot and bothered. There's only one problem...


Gavin's her brother's best friend and doesn't notice her ﹘ the curvy nerd crushing on him.

But now Ella's all grown up and unexpectedly stuck living with him for the next week. Can she gather enough courage to finally make a move or will fear stop her from getting the man she's always wanted?

Content Note: This brother's best friend doesn't know what hits him when the shy girl he knew transforms into a curvy bombshell with a few naughty secrets. Get ready for steamy nights where the line between desire and loyalty blur in a story of second chances!

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From The Brother Bias



Moaning downstairs breaks my concentration from reading. Andy, my older brother, invited a few friends over while he’s home for the summer, but this doesn’t fit the usual whooping and hollering from his buddies.

Curious, I turn the book face down on the nightstand before leaving my room to creep down the stairs and peek over the railing. The explanation for the sounds shocks me ﹘ a man and woman braced against the wall in the hallway below.

A pink sleeveless dress lies bunched around her waist, exposing a strapless bra to the man whose head is currently bent to her breasts. His own pants appear loose, threatening to drop lower while his hips piston in and out of the woman as he nails her to the wall, and the cause of the moaning becomes clear.

Familiar blonde waves of hair swish with the movement, and my stomach tightens at the realization that it’s Gavin, my brother’s best friend, though I don’t recognize the woman. According to Andy, Gavin wasn’t supposed to be home for another week, so his presence is a surprise. Another breathy gasp floats up to my position, reminding me I should leave, but I can’t tear my eyes away.

Why are they doing this here? Where’s Andy?

Questions swirl in my mind even as the show makes me hot and bothered ﹘ imagining myself as the mystery woman. I’ve had a crush on Gavin ever since Andy brought him home to play video games one afternoon years ago. Three years older and a football jock, I knew he was out of my league, but that didn't stop me from fantasizing about what it would be like to be his.

Back muscles flex with each hard thrust and grunted words burn the tips of my ears. “You like having me fuck you while our friends hang out in the basement, don’t you? You’re not even trying to keep quiet. Anyone could walk in on us, and that gets you off, doesn't it?”

His observation about being caught sends a skidder of guilt down my spine, but the arousal wetting my core is stronger, forcing me to stay until the girl’s muffled screams get more frequent, and I can tell that they're about to finish. Comprehending my time’s up, I sneak back up to my room ﹘ the thought of Gavin catching me spying unbearable.

I’ve hidden my crush well by avoiding being around whenever he came over. I’d hide in my room, afraid of becoming a stuttering, sweaty mess if I tried talking to him. Now, his visits are less frequent since he and Andy are juniors in college while I’m still a high school senior, but my feelings remain as strong as ever ﹘ refusing to abate just because of distance.

And now this. Endorphins flood my system at what I witnessed, and I know Gavin Cross won’t be leaving my mind or heart anytime soon.

Door shutting with a soft click, I turn the lock on the knob and reach a hand down my pants to feel just how aroused my voyeurism has made me. My eyes close as I picture the scene below with a slight modification: Gavin driving his hard cock inside me, filling me up, and it makes me rub my clit harder.

His words about being found out replay in my mind, and the rush of fear at someone seeing us together spikes my desire. Who knew such a thing would amplify my need instead of dulling it?

Too soon an orgasm crashes over me, but I don't make a sound ﹘ afraid somehow he’ll know what I’ve done. Weak legs shake as I slide to the carpet, and my eyes catch on the wrinkled Mathletes tee hanging over my hamper of dirty laundry.

Ragged breaths of pleasure seep away to be replaced by a sick knot that sits in my stomach.


What the hell am I doing?

Tears well up behind my glasses before falling down my cheeks; Gavin will never want me like that. We live in two different worlds with me on Planet Nerd while he’s Mr. Popular. These fantasies I make up will only ever live in my head, and the pathetic nature of that truth cuts me deep.

Climbing to my feet, I unlock the door, observe the empty hallway, and scurry into the bathroom to clean up. My reflection in the mirror stares back sad and red-faced with mousy brown hair and eyes before I glance away, disgusted.

Gavin Cross will never be mine, and the sooner I accept that fact the better.

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